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IMPORTANT - We've been running this banner exchange since 2000 and have served millions of banner impressions over the years. I've created a new, more powerful, feature-rich Banner Exchange. Check it out now and sign up right away. I'm giving 2000 credits/impressions to new users.

Some of the new features include

  • Variable Banner ratios - you decide whether you have a banner with link back to the exchange (with a 1:1 ratio*), or a banner without a link back (with a 2:1 ratio).
  • Move your credits between ad sizes as you wish in your control panel.
  • Now supports Flash banners along with the standard jpg, gif, and png.
  • Upload your banners to our server! No more searching for a host to keep your banners.
  • Get credit for referrals - 1000 free credits and a percentage of their links equal more credits for you!
  • Enhanced statistics.
  • A Top Banners listing.
  • A comprehensive Directory.
  • Decide when to show your banners, based on time of day.
  • Pause your banners at any time for any reason.
  • And More...

* Deluxe Banner Ratios are currently 1:1. In an effort to keep the exchange running smoothly, these ratios will go down to 5:4 (for every 5 banners you show, 4 of yours will be shown) in the future, but no earlier than 1 April 2008. Right now, I believe I will limit the 1:1 to the first 25 completed signups. Lock in your 1:1 ratio now before it's too late and you get a lower ratio. Current members at the time of change will keep their 1:1 ratio.

Here is an example of a Standard banner without the link back to Herpcam.


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